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“Thank you so much for doing these classes! They were really fun and helped me to find motivation to practice.”

At its roots, “yoga” is a verb; it refers to the uniting of thought, intention, and action.

It’s less about getting exercise (although that is sometimes a happy side effect).

In the modern Western world, we associate the word yoga with fitness classes. In a sense, Cello Yoga is a kind of fitness class, albeit not one that promises to raise your heart rate or get you sweating. The purpose of Cello Yoga is to nurture your private cello practice: to breathe fresh inspiration into your mind, to care for your body and ward off unhealthy postures and habits, and to guide you to a productive, intentional headspace through simple yet thorough technique work.

Livestream Class: Saturday afternoons at 2 pm Central; 45 minutes of inspiration, stretching, and guided warmup/etude playing

“The Essentials” series: video series focusing on thematic collections of etudes (such as thumb position, vibrato, highlights from major etude books/composers)

Mini-vidies: 5-10 minute videos of just stretches or simple warm-ups, to seamlessly integrate into independent practice

All videos (even the livestream classes) stay live for at least a month, giving you unlimited access to fresh, engaging material, anytime!

Cello Yoga is not an adequate substitute for one-on-one lessons.

These videos are designed to be a companion to your at-home training in-between lessons, a sort of “practice buddy”, if you will. Many students (and professionals!) find that they struggle to get inspired to sit down and practice, lose direction during practice, don’t know how to spend their time, or find themselves easily frustrated, or bored, or all of the above. I hear it all the time: “I didn’t practice as much as I should have” or “it’s hard to make myself practice”, or, from the parents: “how much should my child be practicing and how do I make them do it?” 

Much like attempting a workout at home, sometimes all you need is a video to nudge you in the right direction, provide some company to make it fun, and direct the activity so it feels less overwhelming.  Someone to motivate you while you do sit-ups, or in this case, play an etude. 

No mats, no “namaste”; just us, our cellos, and our goals. But don’t take my word for it:

Livestream class from Virtual Cello Workshop, July 6 2020