Épaulement: Cello Playing Through a Dancer’s Lens

Published on December 2018 Not counting a negligible number of tap classes when I was 5 years old or so, my first real dance classes were at Indiana University, as a sophomore majoring in cello performance. I had long since forgotten my first fumbling steps as a cellist when I was not quite 3, […]

The Purpose of Practicing Music

Music is one of the best things humanity has created. It is very powerful – it brings emotions and profound thoughts to our minds, it brings us together, it lifts us up when we are sad; music is a way of celebrating the fact that we are alive. Some people study music to become famous, […]


Some time ago, I was asked to write original music for solo cello, to accompany a dramatic monologue performance for a private occasion. Fragments of the music I wrote, to enhance the ancient Buddhist story of Ahimsaka, haunted me, and I was craving any excuse to fill it out into a full-length piece which could […]

Solus: Bach Solo Cello Suites 1,2,3 – Saturday, 3/28/20, 7 pm CST

I am so very much looking forward to performing this evening! Those of you who have never been in Grace Lutheran Church, I hope you enjoy the cyber experience of this beautiful space with its vastly flattering acoustics 🙂I want, above all, for everyone listening to take this as my small token of love and […]

Pedagogical Ancestry Tree

To learn to play an instrument is to become a craftsman; to learn one’s musical heritage is to become the steward of a tradition. JEAN HATMAKER Inspired by the discovery that famous cellist David Popper was a “great-grandfather”, the Pedagogical Ancestry Project became a journey of discovery into the great contributors to the Dresden School […]

Modern Muses

Coming Fall 2021 on Navona Records! A collection of contemporary treasures for soprano and cello. Collaboration with Josefien Stoppelenburg, soprano, and featuring 20th and 21st century duets never before recorded! Check out the album website: