Chamber Music Instruction

Student musicians who are interested in an additional style of music learning may be interested in participating in a chamber music ensemble. Chamber music develops next-level music making skills, including:

  • rhythmic stability and responsibility
  • ear training
  • development of focused awareness and attention
  • cooperative learning and diplomacy
  • musical style and historical context
  • leadership and confidence

Not to mention the myriad performance opportunities and social enjoyment made possible by participating in chamber music.

While there is no prerequisite ability level to play chamber music, enrollment in private lessons is required to ensure that coaching time is not used for teaching players their individual parts nor how to play their instruments. Both pre-formed groups and individual players looking to be placed in a group are welcome to inquire about chamber music coaching sessions.

At this time, all chamber music sessions will be held in Oak Park, either at the home studio or at Oak Park String Academy. Cost per 1 hour session is $25/player. Interested parties should fill out the following form: