Private Cello Instruction

PEDAGOGICAL PHILOSOPHY: to provide a joyful, low-pressure environment for students to explore their relationship to music, while enriching their lives as a whole.

Priority number one is that the student feels comfortable, and happy, while being encouraged to get curious about what they’re capable of. Students may expect to receive weekly assignments of etudes to accompany their study of canonical cello repertoire, as well as any other material they have to work on (orchestra music, for example); all music to be studied is chosen based on student’s ability and short/long term goals, capacity for independent work in between lessons, as well as aesthetic interest. Those students who aspire to advanced mastery will get there faster if regular independent practice happens at home, in between sessions; however, there is no set practice requirement for lessons. Students are encouraged to always come to lessons “as they are”, regardless of how much independent practice was/wasn’t achieved in the interim. 

Many students begin private lessons around age 8 or 9, coinciding with many school orchestra programs, but it’s never too late to begin playing the cello. Adult amateur music-making is on the rise, with many local opportunities such as volunteer regional orchestras catering to adults playing at many levels.

Lesson rates: tuition is based on length of lesson time and location of lessons; billing is done either monthly or quarterly depending on family preference (except for EU students). Please fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of the page to receive registration info including tuition rates.

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-College students at Elmhurst University may enroll in either credit or non-credit lessons, regardless of major. Students may need to get teacher approval prior to registering, and may do so by emailing All ability levels welcome.

-Non-college students in the Elmhurst area may sign up to take lessons on the EU campus through the Elmhurst University Community Music Program. There are four seasonal enrollment periods per year, but students may start anytime for a pro-rated tuition amount. All ability levels welcome.

-Students at Grace Lutheran School of River Forest can enroll in half hour cello lessons once a week during the school day, and can start as early as 1st grade. While students may start anytime, it is recommended that the onset of lessons coincide with the start of the new school terms. All ability levels welcome.

-Oak Park Home Studio: offers the most flexibility, and the preferred choice for many working adults and young students in proximity to Oak Park. Students may start anytime, all ability levels welcome.

Those wishing to inquire about taking lessons either in Elmhurst, at Grace Lutheran School, or at the home studio in Oak Park should fill out the following form:

updated Fall 2022