Solus: Bach Solo Cello Suites 1,2,3 – Saturday, 3/28/20, 7 pm CST

I am so very much looking forward to performing this evening! Those of you who have never been in Grace Lutheran Church, I hope you enjoy the cyber experience of this beautiful space with its vastly flattering acoustics 🙂
I want, above all, for everyone listening to take this as my small token of love and appreciation for being able to live my life as a musician, and as a gesture of solidarity for the ministry of Bach’s music at Grace. I am blessed during this difficult time to feel safe and supported by my family and community.

I know there are many of you who want to help; if so, I’d like to humbly direct you to, an organization founded by one of my old college friends, Andrew Crooks, who with his colleagues are doing what they can to ease the strain on artists around the world. Please don’t feel you’re supposed to, or that I’m asking you to; rather, if you wanted to anyway and weren’t sure of the best way how, I’d like to send you in their direction.

Above all, thank you for sharing your Saturday night with me, for making space for me in your homes and your lives, and for all the difficult choices you’re bearing strongly to bring us all through this crisis safely.

(cover photo credit: Paul Crisanti)

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